Boba Fett Build Pt – 2

Finally, after nearly two years I have finished building this Boba Fett helmet. After sanding and filling for the umpteenth time it was painted with spray paint. The original prop is pretty beaten up so the surface finish did not have to be perfect. The helmet was primed then painted silver. After this a layer of Maskol was added, this stuff is brilliant, it was used to add the flaked damage appearance. The colours were then layered on top, again using the Maskol to add the weathered look.

The rangefinder has two LEDs that flash alternatively when the rangefinder is lowered. An Arduino Pro Mini and uni directional hall effect sensor were used to control the flashing. The inside is covered in sticky back felt and the visor is made from clear plastic sheeting covered in car window tint film. Overall I’m happy, it came out better than I thought it would, now do I build the rest of the outfit!!??


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