Robo Mask 1

DSC00385This is the first mask I have designed from scratch. It took about a few days to get from concept to completed mask. I tend to binge make things! Its design was heavily inspired by the masks from the new Destiny computer game and Japanese art.

The mask is constructed from some scabby old 5mm foam board that had bowed from becoming damp.  I traced a profile of my head onto paper then sketched the two side panels and cut them out. From there I cobbled the rest of the mask working from the top down.

Electronics were included in the form of a glowing central eye that pivots on a universal joint. Two servos are used to provide the motion, they are controlled using an Arduino and a joystick. Using the Adafruit TicoServo Library lets you run Neopixels and servos from one Arduino which is nifty.


The mask was then sprayed with paints obtained from a great little shop in Edinburgh called Mainline. With a good selection of quality paints and friendly service, I will be going back soon!

Japanese characters were added using paint and sharpie. I used google translate for guidance here. The final product, however, left me flat and a little disappointed. That was until I weathered it with thinned down Tamiya acrylics as I had seen done by Adam Savage on a recent Tested video. Weathering completely changes the mask giving it a richer more interesting appearance.


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