RasberryPi LAMP Servers

IMG_20170114_223937656 (1).jpg

I have been trying to get more familiar with RasberryPi computers, I find the best way to learn about these things is to do a project. Using various online guides I had been trying to install a LAMP server to act as a home media hub for films. I eventually found a video here wich worked really well:

LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL PHP and lets me host web pages and media files on my home network from the Raspberry Pi. By typing in the IP address of the RaspberryPi from any device connected to my network I can access these files. I built a rudimentary web page and have hosted films from the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is plugged into my tv without a mouse or keyboard. To communicate with it I use a program called Teraterm on my laptop that connects remotely to the Raspberry Pi, bringing up a terminal window on the laptop. An app called Termius lets me do the same thing from my iPad.  I used another program called Swish to let me essentially drag and drop files from my laptop onto the Raspberry Pi’s SD card remotely. This can take a while for large files!

Playback issues:

When I tried to play a film the resolution of the screen was wrong, I could still see the desktop behind the film. To play in full-screen mode add -r after the omxplayer call.

There was also no sound, the Raspberry Pi should be able to use sound through the HDMI cable. To fix this I had to edit the config.txt file to specifically tell the RRaspberry Pi I wanted sound through an HDMI output by adding the line “hdmi_drive=2”. After a reboot, everything was working well. Oh, Joy!


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