Boba Fett Build Pt – 1

This project will focus on the build of the iconic Boba Fett helmet from the original Star Wars Films. A good place to start for these builds is the dented helmet, a forum for builders of everything Boba Fett. There are some good threads on using the Rafal Works Helmet V2 templates. Full credit goes to Rafal Works on some excellent plans that went together really nicely. First, print the plans, then transfer them to the cardboard and then glue together.

The helmet is built from 2mm grey board bought from Hobby Craft. You need about 2 A2 sheets. Others have used wood glue but I am impatient so opted to use a hot glue gun throughout.


Tricky parts of the build have been the top dome and the ear pieces which are quite intricate. Having done a similar build to this however I was not overly concerned with neatness. Any unevenness or mistakes will be covered with bondo later.

The range finder will include 2 orange LEDs that will turn on when the range finder is dropped into the viewing position. This will be achieved using an arduino and a uni-polar hall effect sensor. A small magnet will be included in the stalk. When the rangefinder is dropped the magnet will cause the hall effect sensor to activate the LEDs until the rangefinder is raised.The code and schematic where obtained from here.

So far the helmet has been built and fiberglassed. I learned that using woven cloth is much easier than chopped matt. The fibers don’t gunk up when you apply the resin and you get a more uniform distribution of fiber and resin. I glued the fiberglass tape to the inside of the helmet with a glue stick. I then glassed the outside of the helmet first, then the inside. The glue stick holds the cloth in place and makes everything a lot simpler. I added an extra layer of tape to the edge of the helmet for strength. Next up…Bondo!


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