Arduino Rocket Data Logger

I have just published my second Instrucatble and entered it into the Space contest.

I built an arduino data logger that takes acceleration,pressure and temperature readings during a model rocket flight. It uses an IMU (inertial measurement unit – typically found in quad copters) to sense its environment. The arduino reads the raw values from the sensor then compiles a string that is sent to an SD card. The string is also broadcast via a Bluetooth module so you can validate it is working correctly before launch using an Android phone. There is a small buzzer that sounds after 6 mins to help locate the rocket if it gets lost

The project took about a month to complete. The rocket was designed using Sketchup and Open Rocket. I made it from Estes components and used a D12-7 motor. I was happy with the results, the altitude reading seems to be correct, the acceleration peaked at over 16g which I am a bit dubious about. I had constrained the sensor to measure accel in only the vertical orientation. The average speed of the rocket from launch to highest point was around 170mph, I’m having trouble ascertaining the maximum speed due to some noise in the data. The numbers are only approximate but I am happy with the results. This project will serve as a good stepping stone for my next project – a high altitude balloon.




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