Scratch Building a Flying Wing.

I became aware of Flite Test last year, they have a great website and YouTube channel. I am keen to try some FPV flying and have always wanted to do a scratch build. The Blunt Nose Versa Wing fit the bill. It’s cheap, robust and easy to build. I downloaded the plans then cut out the shapes from 5mm foamboard I got from Hobbycraft. I bought 2 cheap 9 gram servos a 25A ESC and an outrunner motor from Hobbyking. I bodged together a motor mount from scrap material I found in the garage.


The build was relatively straight forward. You need a sharp knife and hot glue gun. You can get away with being pretty rough in terms of dimensions. It requires a lot of nose weight to balance correctly. I followed the  build video and quickly had a complete airframe.


versa maiden 1

The maiden was on a slightly breezy day. It took off on my second throw attempt and required a lot of positive elevator to fly well. It was slightly squirrly probably due to the weather conditions.  I added larger winglets to combat this – I’m not so sure they make a whole lot of difference. I want to try more prop combos to get the best flight characteristics. It likes to fly fast! I will probably make more modifications and add FPV gear as time and funds allow. Highly recommend this as a first scratch build or flying wing.



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