MeArm – 4 Axis robotic arm.


My sisters gave me a small robotic arm kit for Christmas, they know me well! The MeArm v1.0 kit is laser cut from plastic, it uses 4 micro servos to control the motion of the arm. MeArm sell controller boards but I decided to use an arduino to power it instead. The assembly of the kit was fairly straight forward. You have to be sure to calibrate the servos before assembly. Once assembled I downloaded a program called scrattino for free. This lets you control the servos from your computer via the arduino. I uploaded a program to my arduino called standardfirmanta.pde (it’s in the examples directory of the arduino software). Once connected I could control the arm with the keyboard or mouse. I’d like to try and make it autonomous next. A fun build with plenty of potential for further software developments.


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