Not Another Daft Punk Helmet: Part 6

It’s finished! It has taken about 8/9 month in total. I hesitated on many aspects as I wanted it perfect but I heard the saying “perfection is the enemy of good enough” so I compromised on some aspects such as paint/chrome and coding. Here are some pics of the last stages of the build.

The paint turned out to be the most challenging part of the build for me. I tried Alclad gloss black base but the stuff just wouldn’t dry properly.Other’s seem to have similar issues. I’m not about to blame the materials though it was probably my fault. I had planned to use the mirror chrome from Alclad but it is very thin and would rub off easily unless coated with a clear coat giving a dull silver finish. I ended up having to sand the whole helmet back and re prime it. I used dial multi purpose primer then Tamiya TS14 gloss black paint. I then used Micromesh to get a deep shine. The final silver was Tamiya TS-83 metallic silver. I’m happy with the results it looks like bright silver and can be handled. I covered the helmet interior with sticky back felt.

I tinted the visor with car window tint film. I had tried using black die but the plastic warped out of shape due to the heat.
I had intended to modify the code to incorporate buttons to cycle through the animations. This I managed to achieve but I chose to let it cycle automatically for simplicity.
I used an Arduino nano clone to control the helmet. It was hard wired to a prototype board then attached to a rudimentary mdf holder. The device is powered by a USB power pack I got cheap on ebay. I then made a simple stand from mdf.

I’m really pleased with the final results. The helmet is wearable – if a little heavy. It will be used mainly as a display piece. I may try and include cooling fan later on or add more functionality to the electronics in the future. Thanks to Volpin for the inspiration and helpful build threads and my mate Mike for laser cutting my visor!



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