Not Another Daft Punk Helmet : Part 4

It’s been quite some time since my last update. I have been keeping this thread up to date with my progress:

Since part 3 I basically finished sanding down the helmet to a smooth blemish free shape. This was really laborious and at times I felt like giving up. Once that was complete I downloaded google sketchup to draw some earpucks. I used to find a local 3d printer and had two ears printed.


They came back a week later a little ‘blocky’. This was down to my unfamiliarity with sketchup. I had failed to smooth the shape correctly. I decided to continue with these despite this inaccuracy. I coated them with zap 30 min epoxy to allow for painting and fitted them to the helmet.


The visor was cut from 2mm PETG plastic. I cut it out using a template I had made and a dremel. I used a hair dryer to heat the plastic then bend it to shape. The electronics are next…



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