Aerial Filming – Seacliff Harbour

On a recent visit to Tantallon Castle, just east of North Berwick, I took the opportunity to fly the quad as there was finally a break in the weather. Rather than fly around the busy castle I flew around Seacliff Harbour on the neighbouring beach. Built in the 1890s by Andrew Cailey it was once used by fishermen but is now used mainly by divers. It is the smallest harbour in the UK.


The weather was bright and breezy. The ground was uneven so taking off was a challenge. Jagged rocks and sea lay beneath me so I had wobbly knees throughout the flight!I only had one battery pack so I knew I had to make my 6min flight time count. I worked out a flight plan to get a good shot of the Bass Rock and the harbour itself. There were some pretty curious seagulls swooping around and the gimbal malfunctioned towards the end but overall I was pleased with the shots I got. IMG_0512

I’m flying line of sight so it’s tricky to fly and think about the camera shot and move around safely on an uneven surface to keep the thing in sight. All that practice in the garden paid off however and I touched down safely. The Naza GPS worked perfectly. A challenging but rewarding flight in the end.          IMG_0505



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