Not Another Daft Punk Helmet : Part 2

In Part 1 of the build I made the basic shape from card. The next step was to strengthen the model with fibreglass. This is a 3 step process:

  • Coat the outside with polyester resin (no fibreglass)
  • Coat the inside with polyester resin.
  • Add fibreglass to the inside of the helmet with polyester resin.

The first 2 stages saturate the paper with resin, it adds some strength and goes tight like a drum. No fiber matt or cloth is used in these steps. I added strengthening spars to the inside of the helmet to avoid it warping. I used YouTube tutorials to help me understand this process. Use light coats of resin! IMG_5197 I then used fibreglass to strengthen the inside of the helmet. A nasty sticky process! I used chopped matt not woven cloth. It was a warm day and the resin would cure very quickly so I had to rush. Id advise to be prepared with precut cloth and have a clear workspace. Use a respirator gloves and glasses – it stinks. I did the helmet in sections to make things a little easier. I didn’t do the neatest of jobs but it wont be seen and it provided the strength I needed. I used 2-3 layers on the rim to give added support. IMG_5203


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