Not Another Daft Punk Helmet : Part 1

I have always been a fan of Daft Punk. I think the main attraction has always been the mystery around their characters created by those shiny blinking masks. I have decided to build my own as a side project. Inspired by the beautiful helmets made by Volpin I wanted to make a Thomas Bangalter helmet.

Volpin Props Thomas Helmet

Like many others out there I am using a free program called Pepakura to create a paper shell which will be the base of the project .

I downloaded the pep file from here:

The software lets you print out a series of shapes that are glued together to make a 3D object.


I printed out the sheets and cut and glued them together – it took about 3 evenings to finish. I used a glue stick and TAMIYA masking tape.  IMG_5261 IMG_5262 IMG_5268 IMG_5275 IMG_5285

Overall the process was a bit fiddly but rewarding. I nearly destroyed it by running diluted PVA glue and water over it in an attempt to add strength. The top part warped and fell apart. I managed to save it by rebuilding the top part.

I used hot glue on the inside tabs to add strength. I think it is a bit on the big side, I should have checked the scaling first. I convinced myself it was OK with that last photo so carried on with the project. More in Part 2.


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